Our Story

Treaty 6ix was created for all people to wear proudly, tell their story, and live their life - in style.

Land ~ Stories ~ Lifestyle

 A treaty is an agreement between Nations. Treaty 6 was signed in 1876. If you were born, living, or came to Treaty 6, you are a part of Treaty 6, and you benefit from the treaty. The Spirit & intent of the treaties was to share the land in peace & harmony. Reconciliation starts with understanding and giving time for all stories to be shared. Everyone is on their own journey of understanding history. Much love and respect.

Meet the Founder

Tesler Mosquito 

Tesler is from the Mosquito Grizzly Bears Head Lean Man First Nation, proudly located in Treaty 6 territory. Tesler currently resides in the city of Saskatoon where Treaty 6ix Apparel was conceptualized and born. Treaty 6ix was started at grassroots events and took off on social media with hundreds of orders in a very short time. Treaty 6ix was created to educate and bring awareness to agreements that were made by our ancestors for future generations. His brand will be able to be proudly worn and enjoyed by all walks of life, & look fresh doing it! Check out the expansion at Treatyapparel.com for the other Canadian Treaties!


Giving back


Treaty 6ix Apparel is creating a scholarship for the 2021-2022 university school year. Shout out to all the university students right now and everyone else out there pursuing their dreams.